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Rift valley lakes

Africa's largest and most famous geographical feature, the great volcanic Rift Valley in Ethiopia, is home to a chain of sparkling lakes and hot springs that nestle in the depths of the valleys. The seven lakes in this region are habitats of a wide range of birds and indigenous animals. Some of the lakes are even alkaline brown, yet surprisingly ideal for swimming. The landscapes, with two dramatic escarpments, create a thrilling backdrop for so many activities.
 Southern Ethiopia is a land of outstanding natural beauty and culture. It boasts high mountains, steep valleys, rolling plains and numerous rivers and lakes. Besides such impressive natural sceneries the national parks of this region have Ethiopia 's only wild areas of savannah where one can still see large herbivores with their predators in their natural settings.

Bale mountain National Park

Bale Mountains National Park, situated at 425 kilometres south-east of Addis, is one of the largest mountain parks in Africa, boasting the most extensive area of Afro-alpine habitat in the continent. It's the best place in the country for mountain walks, horse trekking, scenic drives and to view, besides staggering number of bird species, many of Ethiopia’s endemic mammals like Mountain Nyala and Red Fox.


Culturally Southern Ethiopia is extraordinarily rich with some 45 languages spoken by people of many different ethnic origins. Here of special interest are groups of South Omo people, who live on the boundaries of Mago and Omo National Parks that preserve their traditional ways of life hardly changed from what they were centuries ago.
To anthropologists, South Omo is not far from being the proverbial ‘ Living Museum ' – a museum whose inhabitants seem intent on rituals and decorations. Body scarring, lip plates, bull jumping – in different parts of South Omo these are all parts of the way of life.
South Omo tour is accessible both by road and air. However, as flights are available only twice a week, for the sake of all convenience this part trip is mostly advisable should it be arranged all along by surface. For visiting one should allow at the least two days driving in either direction from Addis Ababa and four days in the region. Moreover trying to plan the itinerary around the weekly market days will offer an optimum chance to interact with the local tribal people.
The ideal time to make the South Omo tour is out of the rainy season. Poor roads and black cotton soil make travel practically difficult during the rainy season typically over April and May but sometimes extending a month either side of that. The short rains in October may also put a temporary stop to travel.
Pretty few organized tours run to South Omo, but we can put together a private safari with driver, camping gear and food supplied.


National Parks in Ethiopia
  • Semien Mountains National Park (North)
  • Bale Mountains National Park (Southeast)
  • Nech SAR National Park (South)
  • Mago National Park (South)
  • Omo National Park (South)
  • Awash National Park (East)
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