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This voyage leads to the extensive historic sites passing through scenic high lands and spectacular panoramas. The monasteries of lake Tana with the Blue Nile Falls, the 13th C monolithic Rock-Hewn churches of king Lalibella, the stele & tombs of the Axumite Kings, the rock churches found in Tigray region, other churches dating back to the 4th -15th Centuries and 7th C mosque of Negashi in Tigray and shrines in Harar, Dire Dawa, Sof Omar, Sheik Hussein & others are parts of the package.

PROGRAM: Historic Route
DURATION: 10days and 9 Nights
TRANSPORT: Surface and Flight

  1. Arrive Addis Ababa with Ethiopian Airlines. Transfer to hotel. Afternoon city tour of the capital. Including Entoto Mountains, with very nice view over the capital, the National museum, St. George Church.
  2. Fly to Bahirdar with ET, and transfer hotel for check-in. If time permits, go to visit Bezait place, with very nice view over Tana Lake and Blue Nile. Afternoon boat trips of about 3-4 hours on Lake Tana to admire the beautiful monasteries over the lake’s islands.
  3. Morning drive to admire the Blue Nile falls. Lunch Bahir Dar.Afternoon drive to Gonder, city of castles and churches.
  4. Full day visit of castles and churches in Gonder: visit the castle’s compound, the Debre Birhan Sellasie church (light of Trinity) with wonderful murals, the King Fasiladas bath, the old usual monastery and the Empress Mentewab second place. View of the spectacular Semien Mountains from King Fasilads bath, the old usual monastery and the Empress Mentewab second palace. View the spectacular Semien Mountains from Kosoye can add.
  5. Drive to Axum, beginning of civilization in Ethiopia (history of more than 3,000 years), admiring spectacular views over the Semien Mountains.
  6. Full day visit steles. Different archaeological sites, the bath & the palace of Queen of Sheba, tomb of kings and churches, among which in the church of St Mary of Zion (where legend says is deposited the Ark of Covenant, brought here from Israel by King Menelik I )
  7. Fly to Lalibella, defined as the 8th wonder in the world, and afternoon visit first group of the rock-hewn churches.
  8. Morning visit one of the churches out of the town, we propose an excursion by mules to the Asheten Mariam church, with spectacular views too. Or by car to the cave church of Naktule’ab. PM remaining churches in Lalibella.
  9. Fly to Addis Ababa, by admiring wonderful view. Afternoon visit the Mercato, biggest open air market in Africa and souvenirs shops.
  10. Departure.

PROGRAM: North including Tigray
DURATION: 14days and 13 Nights
TRANSPORT: Surface and Flight

  1. Arrive Addis Ababa with Ethiopian Airlines.
  2. Fly to Bahir Dar. Pm boat trip to the island monasteries on Lake Tana.
  3. AM drive Blue Nile Falls and PM drive Gonder.
  4. Gonder visit castles and Churches.
  5. Drive to Axum passing through the Semien Mountains. Excursion on Debark.
  6. Drive Axum
  7. Full day at Axum.
  8. Drive to the Yeha temple; so proceed to the Debre damo monastery, where men climb with ropes for about 16 mts. O/n Mekele.
  9. Tigray Churches: Abreha We Atsbeha, Degum Selassie, Mariam Korkor on Mekele.
  10. Drive Lalibella, admiring spectacular views O/N Lalibella.
  11. Full day Rock- hewn churches of Lalibella.
  12. Morning excursion by mules to the Asheten Mariam human Afternoon drive to the Naktule’ab cave church and possibly participate to a coffee ceremony in a traditional house.
  13. Fly back Addis Ababa. Afternoon free and visit the Mercato, Biggest open air market in Africa. Dinner with folkloristic dance O/N htl. Or
  14. Drive Hayk Estifanos Monastery- On Komboleha
  15. Kombolcha- Addis
  16. Departure.

“Or tour can be done on the inverse way, especially if possible to use dates of Afar and Oromo people markets of Sembete and Bati villages.

PROGRAM: Bahirdar,Gonder,Axum,Lalibela,Tigray
DURATION: 19days and 18 Nights
TRANSPORT: Surface and Flight

  1. Arrive Addis Ababa with Ethiopian Airlines.
  2. Drive to Debre Libanos monastery and Blue Nile Gorge. O/N Debre Markos.
  3. Drive to Bahir Dar and PM boat trip on Lake Tana to see the 14th C monasteries.
  4. AM Blue Nile falls and PM driving Gonder.
  5. Gonder: Visit the castles and churches.
  6. Drive to Axum via Semien Mountains. Excursion. Semien mounts. O/N Debark
  7. Drive Axum
  8. Full day city tour in Axum: stels, Churches, archeological sites.
  9. Visit Yeha Temple and Debre Damo monastery. On Mekele.
  10. Tigray churches: Daniel Korkor, Mariam Korkor, Abreha we Alsbeha. O/N Mekele.
  11. Drive to Lalibella.
  12. Full day in Lalibella visiting the 11 rock hewn churches of Lalibella.
  13. Drive to Kombolcha On the way visit hayk Estefanos monastery or Genete Mariam Semi-monolithic Churches.
  14. Drive Bati village (Afar & Oromo market, possibly if market day), Afar people, Awash national park.
  15.  Full day excursion in Awash Park to see the wild life and birds.
  16. Drive Harar.
  17. AM Babile, valley of marvels PM tour Harar. Evening hyena man. O/N Harar.
  18. Drive to Dire Dawa town – fly AA. PM free. (or drive Harar- Addis)
  19. Departure.

PROGRAM: North including Simian Mountain
DURATION: 16days and 15 Nights
TRANSPORT: Surface and Flight

  1. Arrive at Addis Ababa with Ethiopian Airlines. PM City tour.
  2. Fly Gonder, tour for castles and the churches.
  3. Drive to the Semien Mountains National Park. Camping at Sankaber.
  4. Trek from Sankaber to Geech. O/N camp.
  5. From Geech to mount Imetgogo, Kedadit back to Geech.
  6. Trekk from Geech to Chenek.
  7. From Chenek to Ambilco.
  8. From Ambilco climb to the Ras Dashen and return to Ambilco.
  9. From Ambilco to Arequaziye.
  10. From Arequaziye. to Abergina
  11. From Abergina to Michibi.
  12. From Michibi to Debark.End of trekking. Meet the vehicles at Debark and drive back to Gonder. O/N htl.
  13. Fly to Lalibella,
  14. Lalibella Rock Hewn Churches.
  15. Fly back to Addis Ababa.
  16. Departure.

PROGRAM: North including Trekking
DURATION: 17days and 16 Nights
TRANSPORT: Surface and Flight

  1. Arrive at Addis Ababa with Ethiopian Airlines, PM City tour.
  2. Fly to Gonder and Visit the Castles and Churches.
  3. Drive to SankAber. O/N camp.
  4. Start trekking from Sankaber-Geech
  5. Geech, mount Imetgogo & Kedadite O/N Geech.
  6. From Geech to Chenek.
  7. From Chenek-Ambilco.
  8. Climb Ras Dashen (4620 mts) back to Ambilco.
  9. From Ambilco-Arko Azeye.
  10. From Arko Azeye – Lamo (Mekarebya).
  11. From lamo-Hawaza.
  12. From Hawaza-Adi Arkay meet the vehicles and drive to Axum.
  13. Tour Axum.
  14. Drive in to Gheralta,Hausen
  15. Tigray rock-hewn churches
  16. drive Lalibella
  17. Lalibella
  18. Fly back Addis

PROGRAM: North Route by Air
DURATION: 10days and 9 Nights
TRANSPORT: Surface and Flight

1. Arrive Addis Ababa and city tour. Fly to Bahir Dar and Blue Nile falls. 
2. Boat trip on lake Tana & city Tour. 
3. Drive to Blue Nile fall to visit the Portuguese bridge and the fall. 
4. Drive to Gondar visit castles and churches. 
5. Fly to Lalibela & visit rock-hewn churches.
6. Visit churches in and out of the villages of Lalibela.
7. Fly to Axum and visit the sightseeing's in Axum. 
8. Drive to Debre Damo, Yeha, Back Axum. 
9. Fly back to Addis Ababa and Market. 
10. Departure.

PROGRAM: North Route by surface
DURATION: 16days and 15 Nights

Program can be done also on the reverse direction. 
1. Arrival at Addis Ababa with Ethiopian Airlines. 
2. Drive to Kombolcha & possibly Sembete market on Sunday.
3. Drive to Woldya & possibly Bati market (or Heyk Estifanos monastery). 
4. Drive Lalibella & visit. 
5. Lalibela in & out of town churches. 
6. Drive to Mekele via Sekota or Woldya. 
7. Visit Tigray churches as Abreha we Alsbeha, Dugum Selassie, Wikro Cherkos. O/N Mekele. 
8. Churches as Michael Imba, Michael Debre Selam and Michael Barka. O/N Mekele. 
9. Drive via Debre Damo monastery & Yeha temple to Axum. O/N Axum. 
10. Full day in Axum. 
11. Drive Gondar crossing the scenic Semien Mountains. O/N Gondar.
12. Morning visit of Gondar; afternoon drive Bahirdar. O/N BJR. 
13. Full day boat on Tana Lake for 2-3 hrs as Urakidane Mehret, Mahal zeghie Gyorgis Asua Mariam and Narga Selassie. O/N BJR 
14. Morning Blue Nile falls. Then drive to Debre Markos. 
15. Blue Nile gorge, Debre Libanos monastery-Addis Ababa. 
16. Departure.

DURATION: 18days and 17 Nights

1. Arrive Addis Ababa with Ethiopian Airlines. 
2. Drive to Dessie. (Sunday Sembete market). 
3. Drive to Tenta. 
4. Trekk to Mekdela. 
5. Drive to Gishen Mariam (where at piece of the True Cross is deposited). 
6. Drive to Lalibela. 
7. Full day tour at Lalibela. 
8. Drive to Mekele. 
9. Drive to Wukro Cherkos, Abreha-We-Atsbeha, Degum Selassie, Debre Tyson. 
10. Drive to Axum on the way visit Debre Damo Monastery, Yeha, and Adwa escarpment. 
11. Full day city tour in Axum.
12. Drive to Gonder via the escarpments of the Semien Mountains.
13. Full day visit of the castles and the churches in Gonder. 
14. Drive to Bahir Dar p.m. city tour. 
15. Morning Drive to Blue Nile falls. p.m. boat trip on Lake Tana for the Monasteries.
16. Drive to Debre Markos. 
17. Drive to Addis Ababa passing through the Blue Nile gorge and visit Debre Libanos monastery. 
18. Departure.

National Parks in Ethiopia
  • Semien Mountains National Park (North)
  • Bale Mountains National Park (Southeast)
  • Nech SAR National Park (South)
  • Mago National Park (South)
  • Omo National Park (South)
  • Awash National Park (East)
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