With its majestic boundaries, the Bale Mountain is the only natural conservation site left in Africa preserving its unique flora and fauna with relatively undisturbed examples of five vegetation zones and the longest afro alpine moor land in Africa.
Here one can experience a beautiful highland drive above three thousand meters for over 100kms. It is a place where one can relax while driving among the memorable scenic mountain chains and incredible wildlife such as the old basalt mountains that are a breeding ground for the gigantic bearded vultures known as Lammergeyers. If you have time, it is also very rewarding to experience the park via some of the best trekking in Africa.
In Bale, you can stay in an altitude of 2,200 km2 above sea level and yet to see the second highest mount Tullo Demtu, 4377m rising above you. The spectacular alpine scenery, particularly on the 4000m high Senetti Plateau, provides you with more than 400 species of Birds including 12 of Ethiopia’s endemics; endemic vegetation species such as the Giant Lobelia rising up to 5 meters and the beautiful Red Hot Poker, Harana forest (the only cloud canopy forest left in the country); and wild animals such as the rare and endemic Ethiopian wolf (a visit to Bale gives you the best chance of seeing these critically endangered animals) , together with the Giant Mole Rats, Mountain Nyala, Menelik’s Bushbuck, Warthogs, Cerval Cat, Hyenas, and many Gazelles. You also have the chance to see the alpine lakes harboring rare fish species on a day excursion in the area.
It is certainly breathtaking to stay in the afro alpine moorland scenic area and it is sure to be an unforgettable experience!!!

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