As an ancient kingdom, the land that we know today as Ethiopia is full of Temples, Churches, and Monasteries. The age old Christianity of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church is integral to life in Ethiopia, The faithful attend mass worships regularly and observe more than 180 fasting day’s in a year. This devotion combined with the fact that many of the rituals are practiced as they would have been a thousand years ago make the worships and the celebrations of Ethiopian religious festivals very special to witness particularly, in ancient towns such as Axum, Lalibela and Gonder. Important festivals (Holidays) that attract pilgrims include such as Timket (epiphany), Lidet (Christmas), Meskel (The finding of the true cross), and fasilka (easter), Kullubi Gebriel, Gishen Mariam, and other festivals attract every year thousands of pilgrims and are celebrated colorfully and with great pump often over several days.
Religion is a constant and central feature in Ethiopian society. In earlier times, Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, were three major religions that formed the culture.

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