“Feel cool “at the hottest place on planet earth Bonanza of geological fascination camping near active volcano Breathtaking sulphur caked flowers and hot springs Thousands of Camels on caravan loaded with salt bars Villages of Afar Tribe where the first humans lived.

Near the village Matu the Sor Waterfall is a great attraction. The last kilometer to this waterfall you climb a track that leads you through a dense jungle with butterflies, birds and monkeys.
Finally the track descend to a viewpoint near the top of a gorge to have a splendid view on the waterfall, plunging down 100 meter into the gorge, surrounded by dense forest. At the base of the waterfall it is possible to swim in the cold water.
The Guder falls near Ambo can best be visited on Sunday because there is a dam upstream which will be opened only on sunday’s. Several routes lead you through a beautiful hilly landscape with dense forests where streams and rivers flow and waterfalls are plunging down. In this forests bird- and wildlife is abundant. Even along the roadside you can see many colobus monkeys. Take for example the road from Jimma to Gambella via Mizan Teferi or the road between Matu and Bedele. Also in the surrounding of Bonga is a huge potential for hiking. An area of natural beauty with hot springs, caves, natural bridges, waterfalls, forests with an abundant wild- and birdlife. There are also unexcavated historical sites and age old churches. From Bonga trekking tours with a guide can be organized.

Not far from Addis Abeba, on the road to Ambo, is the 2.500 ha. large natural Menagesha National forest, the first known subject of an official conservation policy in Africa. Since the 16th century this forest is protected by the government. It is a beautiful forest with tall juniper and wanza trees. Some trees are over 400 years old. In the past around 40% of Ethiopia was covered with this kind of forests. Also this forest is a paradise for birds, and different endemic species. Wildlife is abundant – gureza monkey, the endemic menelik’s bushbuck, baboon, common duiker, leopard and serval.

The Wenchi crater lake of mount Wenchi (3220 m.) is beautiful surrounded by forests on the steep crater slopes. In a village on the edge of the crater you can rent horses and a guide to accompany you down to the lake. The lake shore is a fine place for a picknick in nature, while enjoying the many water birds, monkeys and baboons. By the lake canoes are for rent to bring you to the island church of Cherkos and to the hot springs.

Coffee plantations can be visited around Tepi and Mizan Teferi. It is a delight to walk on this plantations which are in fact forests where the coffee grows under tall, old trees teeming with birds, to protect the coffee from too intense sunlight. There are also interesting spice and fruit plantations and you can see the pulping and processing stations. The plantations have their own guesthouses.
A tea plantation can be visited near Wushwush. It also has its own guesthouse.